Mishmash, a restaurant which stands for its own name. Mishmash is a fast-casual Arabic / western cuisine; a high-quality vs low-price concept. lt's kitchen includes a variety of food which has been based on people's general choices of taste, then refined by our own touches and recipes.

Mishmash also adds to the menu its very own created signature items which you can always mix, match, and munch with our homemade sauces.

We got grilled items, pastries, shawarma, sandwiches / meals, rice bowls and more under one roof, each item have been made and dealt with as a solo item.

To have a mixture of cuisines in a kitchen is usually a risk many would rather avoid, and a difficulty many would not take.

Unlike Mishmash, it is something we master and proudly invite people to come and experience what's not out there which arises

their buds and comforts their pockets with a leverage of variety in choices and great quality of food.

Mishmash also has its own coffee bar and line of coffees, desserts, and delights for people to enjoy the complete experience of indulgence!

Our aim is not to let you look or go anywhere else.


Our Special Menu

  • mashawi

  • mix appetizers

  • pastries

  • mashawi platter

  • beef steak

  • shawrma bun

  • mashawi

  • Alardiya industrial

    Phone : 1800456

    Time : 8am - 2am

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